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We are just everyday people. Over the years we have had the opportunity to learn and use many natural health methods. Some have worked and many other did not do anything to improve our health and well being. There has been cancer, Cushings disease, diabetes and other problems in our group. We were able to rid the body of most problems by cleansing and fasting and other natural methods without drug side effects. When Mr. Water of Life developed the gangrene situation he needed to find something that he could do quickly, easy to obtain and affordable that could correct his problems. Thus he chose Urine Therapy. It is not easy to do but fit the other requirements just mentioned. After considering the pro and cons of the therapy, he started immediately when the gangrene appeared on his foot.

As we said before we are not doctors or health professionals, but wanted people to see over a period of time how the body reacted to the treatments. One of our team thought the videos would say more than simply telling the story. We did not even think anyone would be interested in viewing them. At the end of 2011 almost 400,000 have viewed them. The count of viewers has froze up maybe because of the huge interest It seems to be a problem on You Tube. There have been many encouraging comments made concerning them. Not everyone understands why we did them. But those with open minds or those that are looking into natural methods are welcoming the information we are sharing.

The good news is that Mr. Water of Life is much improved and his foot is in great shape. In April, 2011 he had a blister on the right foot (no gangrene) and this time went to the doctors and hospital. He wanted to see what they would do vs. urine therapy. The foot is fine now, but he did not like the methods used on him. All the drugs used and the rough treatment of the foot. It was very expensive and took many months to get better. And then there were many side effects of the drugs used. So in the end he preferred the urine therapy. The drugs made him weaker and to gain weight.

We have much to tell, so writing a book on it. How he reacted on the 45 day fast of only urine and water! And what has happened after.  We know that the readers will find the information interesting. We also know that those buying the book want to know how it can help them. We will announce when the book will be available.  Thank you for your interest.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Water Of Life's team

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