Mr. Water of Life was a strong man. One day he was hiking in Yosemite and the next day he was in a auto accident and couldn't walk upright for 3 years. He has never been the same since. Lost his strength and much more over the years. It has been 27 years that he has been fighting to get better. Just recently he discovered that from over a dozen head and neck injuries in his lifetime, he had developed a terrible problem in his neck and spinal cord area. A MRI told the story and that it was progressing quickly affecting his entire body.

He was told for years there was nothing wrong with him. Then 2 years ago was told by doctors that he had diabetes. All those years he was experiencing leg and feet numbness. And by then his hands were totally numb. This make life very difficult. Walking was almost impossible and lately he couldn't keep his balance and would fall. He couldn't even put a stamp on an envelope. Now the doctors said that all this was from the diabetes, but he didn't think so. Why? Because it started many years before the diabetes. So he pleaded with the doctor to have an MRI and sure enough the problem was there.

So now we will see if the operation on the spine will open up the nerve flow to his limbs. Only time will tell. At least the progression of the compression of the spinal cord has been stopped, so that he will not be totally numb. He was numb from the feet to the waist and his arms and hands also. A very scary situation indeed.

The urine therapy and fast did help him. His overall health condition improved. His tests showed that all his organs are like a 30 year old instead of a man of 66! His blood sugar is a little too high, but he is working on that also. Now that the energy flow is open, now many of his problems hopefully will disappear soon. It effects the mind, eyes, teeth, hair and circulation of the whole body.. Mr. Water was doing everything right even to the extreme, but he was getting worse. Actually it took a extreme method like the urine therapy to even have any success with the gangrene and foot problems. Amazing... considering he can not feel a needle stuck in his legs or feet or hands.

We have learned so much about simple things a person can do that really work. We are so thankful for the comments on our videos that helped us expand our knowledge.  

We are writing a Ebook that will go into details on Mr Water of Life. Please watch for it soon.


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