Mr. Water of Life has had a very exciting time in November 2011. He had surgery on his spinal cord and neck. It was discovered by his pleads to the doctors. The operation was a complete success. The doctor used the latest methods and he was very pleased with the results. Just a few days ago x-rays showed the neck was in great shape and that bone was already forming on the inserted plate. We mentioned to the doctor that we believe that it is healing so fast because Mr. Water is using natural methods to speed it up. He has used a magnet band on the neck since the day of surgery. And other things he has been doing. The doctor told us it must be working because it usually takes 8 weeks to see what took Mr. Water 4 weeks to accomplish! So far so good. We are hoping for the recovery of the nerves so that the numbness of his limbs disappear. It will take time for it to happen. But the doctor is sure that it will happen, seeing so much improvement already. Mr. Water's blood sugar will go down when he can walk again. Will keep everyone posted on what happens. Thanks for your support and interest.