Mr Water of Life has been recovering from his operation in November. The operation was done from the front of the neck with a very small (2 inches) incision. It was easier to reach the damaged discs and less danger to the spinal cord. The skin is healing very nicely and is hardly visible already. There was no problems with the surgery. We must admit that the methods used today are very advanced than just 10 years ago. The doctor used a high tech plastic to replace the discs that were badly damaged. And is kept in place with a very small metal plate. No bone was needed as used to be before the plastic discs. Already bone is growing at a fast rate. We believe that it is the silica he takes daily in the form of diatomaceous earth powder. He takes 2 tablespoons in water. It has no taste or smell. It is very inexpensive. It is worth looking at online. The earth powder is amazing for what it does for body. And it had no side effects! We have a catch 22 on the meds that he is taking to help lower the blood sugar. It seems that it inhibits circulation big time, just what we don't want. So trying to figure out what to do about that. If he can just walk many of his problems will go away. His gangrene may not have been caused by diabetes. All those head injuries made a toll on his entire body. So far no sense of feel in his feet or hands. He is doing exercises also and trying to walk more at home. He gets tired very quickly. Mr Water of Life is determined to recover. Even the surgeon is sure that he will, it just will take time. Will keep you posted.