The doctors have viewed the lower spine back area on MRI and x ray and determined the damage of the discs. Mr Water has problems in 1,2,3 and 4 areas. The spinal cord is pinched in several places and the disc are putting pressure on the nerves. Surprisingly he does not feel constant pain, only when he tries to stand for more than a few minutes. The pressure is causing his left foot to drop down with no control. So when trying to walk he trips over his foot and falls. His balance has become worse in the past few months. He can no longer walk without a walker for short distances. Otherwise he must use a wheel chair. There is no natural method that can fix the problem.

He has tried so many natural and traditional circulation methods, but nothing has improved. His legs up to the knee and feet are completely numb. Although diabetes may have a part with this problem, it began years before he had diabetes. In fact, he was told that the spine situation may have a cause for the diabetes! Because of various injuries over the years, his back is messed up. We counted and recorded over 20 such injuries.

His neck operation stopped the compression of the spine but the flow is still not getting through in the lower spine.. It may take time for the hands to regain feelings. No one seems to know if it will happen. Mr Water believes it will return because it hasn't been that long that the hands are numb. Now the nerves need to reconnect to work again. His hands are still in pain 24/7. DMSO has helped somewhat with the pain.He also does hand bath detoxing several times a week which seem to help lessen the pain The neck operation has completely healed and there is no problems with it. Very successful.

Now the lower spinal cord has to be cleaned up so the flow can make it down his legs and feet. It is a serious operation and will take time to recover. Mr Water has excellent doctors that have done it thousands of times. So he is confident of another success. After the operation then we will begin a full out effort of natural detox of the drugs used on him. Strict diet and supplements and treatments for improving the circulation. Then he will be able to walk and maybe even run.

Since Mr Water was such a strong man, he will be able to enjoy life again. He was always the fastest runner, swimmer. He could outlast, outplay everyone. So think good thoughts for him. Hopefully we will report soon his complete recovery.They say that 1/2 of any recovery is in the mind. Well he is determined that this operation will be successful. As the "Secret" book says..put out positive thoughts only! And it will happen.