The good news is that the surgery went without any problems. It took about 2 hours. The surgeon is very capable and has done thousands of this operation. There was much damage to the discs and he had to rearrange the bone to give more strength in places. Thank goodness no metal plates were necessary. The doctor tries to have the back heal as normally as possible. Mr. Water's incision is about 7" long. They used 28 metal staples to hold it together.

He stayed in hospital for 2 days. Because of weakness in his legs, we were not sure if he could make it up the house stairs to the 2nd floor, so he went to a Rehab hospital. That was a big mistake! They put him in a bed too small. A foot too short. He is 6' 2". And no side rails. He is a big man and had only a few inches on each side to turn. Since he was stapled on his back, he could only sleep on his side. The staff said that was the only bed they had. I had no choice but to left him there. At 4 AM he phoned me and begged me to come and take him out of there. Why? He explained in a angry voice, that he had fallen out of bed 2 hours before. The room was completely dark, no night lights. He fell on a cement floor. His buzzer for the nurse was broken (before the fall). He hit his back on the bed frame as he was falling and was in pain. He started yelling for help. Help me..over and over. The door of the room was open and he could see staff going by, BUT they did not help him. After 40 minutes laying there, finally his room mate, a older man who was mostly deaf, finally heard Mr Water yelling, and started yelling also for another 45 minutes. Then finally a nurse came from the desk a couple of yards down the hall and got help! Wow. Too bad he couldn't call 911 for assistance!

I would have gotten him at 4 AM, but the door is locked until 8 AM. I thought I should call first before I came there. Of course, it was a Saturday and all the personnel is gone until Monday. Only 2 nurses on duty for several 100 patients along with helpers. I waited for a return call for 2 hours and no one called so then took Mr Water's wheelchair and drove to the Rehab. place.

I had called Mr. Water's surgeon about removing him from there and taking him home. He was fine with it and told me I did not need any paperwork to do it. So on arriving with the wheelchair, I told the nurse I was taking Mr Water home. He told me I had to sign a paper stating that I was taking him against doctor's orders. I said what doctor. Mr Water had not seen a doctor when arriving and we were told he would not see a doctor for 5 days! We were not going to sign anything. I told him to give me the paper and I would have our attorney review it first. Then he put it quickly in the drawer and said never mind. He started threatening me about Medicare and how they would not pay even his hospital or operation if I took him. Well needless to say, I was angry. I told him not to use threats. So I took him home. No further word from them.
Ordered a wheelchair van to pick him up and take him home The driver assisted him up the stairs successfully. By that time Mr Water was totally exhausted, but so happy to be home again. So much quieter and calmer and the food much better. By the way the food in the Rehab. place was totally horrid. I felt so sorry for the older people who have to eat there everyday.

After 2 weeks the staples were removed without problems. The incision is healing very fast. He can't bend or twist his body for awhile. Also he is in much pain. Don't know how much the staples cause pain wise. He has to wear a large back brace when he is out of bed.  He hates to take pain pills, but can't bear the pain still.

Now he has a nurse and a physical therapist that come to the house. Mr Water has no sense of balance and is still numb in his limbs. His left foot drops down, no strength in his ankle at all. And is getting a brace for his left foot also.

The surgeon can not understand why Mr Water was not in a lot of pain all the time before the operation, or that he was able to walk at all. His spinal cord was tightly pinched in 4 places. Now the cord has a chance of regaining the proper position and it's fluid can flow through it. It was messing up his entire body.

We are all hoping for improvement, but it might take some time because this situation was there for years. Now we begin a whole out program of natural methods to restore him to his former strong condition.