Mr. Water of Life is so tired of not being able to do the things he used to do. Because of the numbness in his limbs he is not able to walk much. He has trouble picking up things because he can't feel anything at all. So his life is very dull. Even hobbies are difficult, like stamp collecting, coin collecting. Just try to pick up a stamp when you can't feel it! So the operation he had in November hopefully will open the way for energy and blood circulation. We always thought that the reason for the numbness was a auto accident he had 27 years ago. It came on gradually and the doctors just said that he would have to live with it. But finally a neurologist listened to Mr Water and did a MRI on the neck area. And it proved that indeed he had a serious problem. We made a list of the injuries over his lifetime which contributed to his problems.

But just this week we discovered that the medications he has been taking, at the directions of the doctors, he should not have taken during this time. Why? They cause circulation problems that can kill a person. No one told us that! The very thing the operation was for was being inhibited by the medication. The pills we learned also cause liver failure and bile problems which is causing pain in his pancreas. And the pills are causing weight gain also, which is making more problems, and on it goes. So he stopped taking the pills. He is numb everywhere except his torso and head. Now that his spine is not being compressed he is feeling stinging and pain in his hands and feet. So that is a good sign something is happening.

He has been gaining about 5 to 10 pounds a month. Mr Water does not eat much for his 6' 2". Rarely eats anything sweet.Only drinks herbal teas and water, Grain "coffees" - 50% raw foods - small amounts of meat. Still his sugar is too high. So he is up to 275 pounds. Way too heavy. What to do?

The master cleanse (lemonade and maple syrup) came to our attention last week. Don't know why we have not heard of it before. So decided we would try it. He has been on many cleanses, many of them harder than this one to do. So here we go again. On a positive note: In just one day his blood sugar went down to 125 from 157, and he lost 2 pounds. Mr. Water, as you know has will power, so he is going to do it until he can keep his count down to around 100 and lose some weight. He would be good at 205.

He is also daily doing the WetCell for faster detoxing. After the treatments of 30 minutes on his hands and another 30 minutes on his feet, the water is horrid. Too bad the WetCell is not being produced any longer because it really works great. One close to it sorta, is the Aqua Chi.

Now that we know that the neck was messing him up, we wish we had never used the Chi Machine. So that's something to note. He was putting pressure on the neck area by the body movement it produces. It is great if you don't have some unseen problems in the back and neck. We will never have treatments or adjustments without x-rays. And even that would not show Mr Water's problems. Only the MRI proved his gut feelings about his problems.

Just got to get better soon! So will keep you posted. Hopefully what we have learned will help someone out there. Thanks for reading all this.