In November 2011 Mr Water had the neck surgery. The x-rays show the area to be healing at a fast rate. The doctors are very pleased at his process. We believe it is due to the methods he has been using after the operation. But the numbness is still there in his hands, maybe will take more time for that to improve. His balance is worse now. He can't walk without the aid of a walker or leaning on someone plus his cane. His left foot is dropping down as he tries to walk. Several times he tripped himself and fell. So he has to be very aware of lifting his foot higher. This is not easy.

Because of all this, the nerve doctor and the back surgeon ordered an MRI of the lower spine area. And indeed Mr Water has a lot of damage from previous injures there also. It is stopping the flow of energy down the body. Thus could be the reason for his numbness in his legs and feet. He has been experiencing problems for many years. The last few years different doctors told him that it must be a diabetic cause and can never be corrected. The doctors he has now are very successful in their practice of correcting problems like Mr Water's.

What Mr Water has learned is to listen to your feelings and keep voicing them and acting on them. But not to wait so long to be more forceful about it. He is not looking forward to more surgery. But all the supplements won't correct the problem. And he is aware that it must be fixed or he might not be able to move about at all.  He has been trying to get doctors to listen to him for years and finally the MRI proves he was right. After the surgery then we will begin a full out effort with natural methods to detox and build up the body again.

Mr. Water was like Tarzan. Fastest runner, highest jumper, best at everything physical. It makes it worse knowing how you could be and not be able to do much at all. Hopefully he will be able to resume normal life soon. We will keep updating this as it happens.