Urine Therapy can be done without fasting. The fasting was necessary for Mr. Water of Life because of his extreme condition. He believes that it saved his life. He was so ill that we were making his final arrangements with the funeral home and completing his will. For some reason he did not know how ill he was. His question surprised us. "I guess I am pretty bad off, I guess I will have to do something to get better." So we were all surprised that he asked us about urine therapy. Considering 4 of us have used urine over the past 15 years. All with good results for various ailments. Mr. Water said repeatedly that he would never do it. But realizing how his situation was, he quickly changed his mind in one days time!

Food is his love. Even when he knew better he could not help himself to BBQ ribs or sweet and sour pork or gravy and on the list goes. Remember he got away with it for half of his life. And then things starting changing. Now no food at all. Was he going to start slowly? No! He had a dead toe and infection was growing. He had to start it NOW! So he did that day and never cheated once. He was determined to win this battle. That's what it is...a battle of will power! And he surprised himself at continuing for 45 days. He still has issues to work on, but is so much better. Now he is convinced that urine therapy is a life saver and wants to tell you all about it in the book.