Mr Water of Life's x rays showed this week that the lower spinal cord operation is progressing for the good. New growth of bone and no problems with it from his fall in the Rehab Center. His surgeon was almost afraid to look at the x rays. Thank goodness everything looked good. The doctor told him it will take time to recover. Especially since he had 2 operations within less than 6 months time. Mr Water told him that he had given up all medications including the pain pills although he still has pain. The pain pills were causing him to see things that were not there. And think he was somewhere or talking to someone who wasn't there. This got pretty bad! The doctor was relieved to hear that he had quit them, but knew Mr Water would feel awful for a time just to get over the side effects of the pills. Mr Water has been experiencing severe chest pains. The doctor said that his liver was not able to handle all of the hospital and operation drugs plus the diabetes meds and the pain pills. It is just too much. The pain pills even warn about the liver problems and liver failure. Not what he wants to hear!

Also Mr Water is quite weak. And it is hard for him to do the exercises that the therapists told him to do. To leave the house there are 29 steps down to the car. And, of course, 29 to come back up. By the time he gets to the top, he folds and his knees fail him. Now I have to start him up on all the health stuff again. I didn't want to overwhelm him with too much. But can see it is necessary. He has been drinking Pau 'd Arco tea. Needs to work on building up his strength and muscles. The drugs were producing things in his body that he was trying to get rid of. Crazy how that works.

He got a leg brace fitted for him for his left foot that drops. This is a result of the pinched spinal cord. It causes him to fall over his own foot. Also there was 0 movement on the foot and toes. Now since the operation he can move his foot and toes a little! The doctor said yesterday that it is a good sign that the spinal flow is happening. He was surprised of the improvement in such a short period of time.

So Mr Water is some better, some worse. But he isn't giving up and he is determined to return to his strong self!