Just a short update on Mr Water of Life on the master cleanse. This is the 5th day doing it. No cheating! He has lost 10 pounds without hunger. He likes the taste. Sometimes we mix some lime juice also in it. One time we put the whole lemon and whole lime in the juicer. It was very thick so mixed it with some water. It was really delicious.The cayenne pepper burns his throat, so he uses ground ginger instead. The thing that has him the most excited is that his blood sugar count today was 81. It was 291 when he started the fast. Mostly we use maple syrup B grade, but sometimes organic agave.

He does not have the chest pain anymore and his feet are very warm to the touch. He also burned his hand touching a pan by accident. Whenever this happened in the past, it took 2 or 3 months or more for the blisters to heal. But this time they were healed in 3 days! Wow!  He sprays DMSO on his hands for lessen the pain and tingling and it helped heal the blisters.

He has 5 days to go on the cleanse. Will post future results. Thank you for your interest.