We are thinking that the pain pills caused more problems than the pain! What a nightmare it has been for more than two weeks since he stopped them. Oxycodone (5-350 mg each tablet) was given him starting in November for the neck surgery. Which he continued with through the back surgery. The nurses and therapists told him not to wait until he felt pain, but to take it before pain.To make it easier for him. He was taking about 6 a day. So he did that, but knows now that for him that was not good. The doctor did not want to give it to him, but felt he needed something for the pain. The doctor also gave him Tramadol. It did nothing for his pain compared to Oxycodone, and made him kinda crazy. Couldn't think right at all. So only took a few of them but started up the Oxycodone again. The doctor agreed that Mr Water had to go cold turkey with the drugs. He can do this with my constant supervision to monitor his body temperature and give him the juice and so on.

He was so tired and is sleeping most of the day, none at night, which was driving him nuts. Also he was not able to do the exercises because he is so ill. The most scary part is the swelling of his lower body. His legs and feet were two times the normal size. His feet looked like they were going to pop. Breathing was so difficult, could not talk, pain in chest getting worse from his liver, problems with bowels and very bad hallucinations when sleeping or awake!

Also we learned from the doctors that the drugs he was taking increased the blood sugar numbers! This happened even though he was taking Metformin 2000 mg daily and 45 cc of insulin shot daily! He was watching his diet and still was around 200 or more. Nothing could bring the numbers down. The diabetes drugs were also adding on weight. Insulin is a hormone and was making him grow extreme body hair. I had to shave his back for the operation!
So what to do?  If he goes to the doctor, he will be put on more drugs. This is what he is trying to get away from. So that won't work. So Mr Water went back on the Master Cleanse which worked great for him last time a few months ago.He started it 5 days ago again.

He has a monitor for breathing. At the start of the Lemon Cleanse it registered at 100. 2 days into the cleanse it was 2,500, which is great! He is not having the breathing problem now, he talks normal. His swelling has gone down, but not completely gone. His chest pain is almost gone. No more hallucinations.  His kidneys are working good. No fever ever. Has lost 11 pounds (probably water)  Also his blood sugar number has gone down a 100, but still too high. It is around 180 even on the cleanse.

He still has a lot of toxins which will take some time to get rid of. On the cleanse he takes a teaspoon of special sea salt in 12 oz of lukewarm water first thing in the morning and just before bedtime. It helps cleanse the colon. But because he is in such bad shape, it has not been as effective as it should be. But urination is not a problem. So his kidneys are working well.

His right foot looked like it wanted to form a blister on the bottom by the heel. And he felt pain with it. So applied DMSO mixed 50/50 with vitamin E oil. It did take the pain away and the blister didn't happen. Thank goodness. He also takes 1 tbsp. of liquid DMSO in 8 oz. of water with 750 mg of GABA. That helps with the depression with no side effects. And the DMSO assists the body healing. The only bad thing about DMSO is that you smell like oysters. Oh well it is worth it.
DMSO is also applied on his incisions. They are healing without any problems. The one on the neck is almost invisible. And the back one is just pink and flat to the skin. The doctor was pleased with that also.

He has been taking also 2 tbsp. of food grade Diatomaceous Earth. It is a natural silicon. It is tasteless and odorless powder you mix with water. It is quite amazing. It helps the bones to heal faster. It must be working. The surgeon remarked that Mr Water healed in 1/3 the usual time after surgery! The doctor was very surprised at that considering his age and health.

So we have found some things that are not expensive, have no side effects and work. It took a lot of research to find them and some things were suggested by viewers of our videos. Just want to share what is happening. We are learning more everyday. Thanks for reading this.