Our mission is to share with you things you may not have heard about before or may remind you of things you had forgotten. This is an on-going project. 

It took time for the body to respond to the treatments,  so we were only sharing when there was a noticeable change in the Mr. Water of Life.

We have a video record of his foot for over a year period. The good news is that the foot has healed better than we expected! It shows that urine therapy does work, and now there is more than just words, we can see that it works.

Please, if you have any comments Email us at mrwaterforlife@gmail.com and look at our You Tube videos under MrWaterOfLife. There are 16 of them. From the beginning of the foot blister to the healed foot. It is history making for urine therapy because it shows it works! Please watch the short videos.  Beware! Remember that life is not always pretty!


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